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Standard 4C 標準4C

GIA 美國寶石學院
Standard 4C 標準4C

The standard created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

"Four Cs" are always mentioned in the conversations about diamonds. Not everyone is familiar with what exactly the four Cs are. The four Cs have gradually been developed to grade and categorise diamonds.

Thousands of years ago, Indians created a simple diamond grading method. Until the early 17th century, the western jewellers improved on the method and developed a more sophisticated system in grading the value of a diamond. The four Cs standard created by the GIA was recognised worldwide and adopted by the diamond industry.
It grades and categorises diamonds by: carat weight, colours, clarity, and cut.


究竟4C是甚麼呢?  其實,4C就是人們為了釐定鑽石的價值,而逐步發展的一套標準。

而受全球公認及行內大多數人採用的,就是由GIA(美國寶石學院)依4C:克拉重量(Carat Weight)成色(Colour)淨度(Clarity)切磨(Cut)而訂下的分級標準。